FSC Instructor Course

This is scheduled for three hours of class room and does not require any shooting.

Course covers:

    Safe Handling and Storage
    Ammunition and Storage
    Firearm Manipulation
    Handgun Malfunctions
    Firearm Care and Maintenance

To pass this course you will be required to perform the Safe Handling Demonstration with at least the three conventional handgun types and five long guns.

You should review the DOJ's website on the Firearm Safety Certificate Program. <<this is clickable and will open in a new window>>

To finalize your application you must have a COE Number (Certificate of Eligibility) Which means you must be Live Scanned for a background check. If you don't already have a COE, we can provide this service. The cost of getting a COE is $89.00.

Price without COE : $139.00

Price with COE : $228.00

Includes : DOJ application fee and postage. (We will issue you a certificate that is worth framing. Make a copy of the certificate, help you fill out your DOJ application, pay the application fee and mail your completed package.)

If the course isn't currently scheduled or you would like a different date, you can request training by clicking here