Part 1

This course teaches you the policies and procedures for becoming an NRA instructor as well as effective teaching methods for training students. Basic Instructor is a pre-requisite for all instructor level courses.

All courses include all the required NRA documentation, instructor guides, student packets, instruction and follow up support. You will receive everything needed to first take and then teach each course.

This course is a minimum of 6 hours and covers the following topics:

    How to introduce a speaker
    The instructor and the NRA Basic Firearm Training Program
    Using a training team
    Training materials and training aids
    Organizing your course
    Preparing to teach

This course is a mandatory prerequisite for all subsequent NRA Certified Instructor training.

To be certified as an NRA Instructor, students must complete this 6-hour course that teaches material common to all NRA courses. This course does not certify the instructor candidate to teach any NRA courses. Additional discipline-specific instructor training (part 2) is required to certify instructor candidates to teach specific courses.

The first day of most NRA instructor training courses consists of this 6 hour Basic Instructor Training (BIT).

Special Note for Current Instructor adding a rating:
Instructors adding instructor ratings in other disciplines by successfully completing the associated instructor courses conducted by an NRA training counselor and submitting an Instructor Application and appropriate fee. When adding ratings, instructors may not be required to attend another Basic Instructor Training (BIT) Course if they have completed that course within the previous two years and can demonstrate that they possess an NRA Trainer’s Guide with a 2008 or later issue date. However, Training Counselors conducting the course may use their discretion and require the candidate to obtain a passing score on the Trainer’s Examination or attend the course in its entirety. It is solely up to the Training Counselor conduction the course.


    Complete the NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT)
    Pass the specific discipline pre-course qualification
    Satisfactorily complete a NRA Instructor Specific Discipline (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun etc)
    Receive the endorsement of the NRA Training Counselor
    Successfully complete the appropriate NRA Certified Instructor examination. Certified score 90%+, Assistant or Apprentice score 85%+
    Submit your application with the appropriate certification fees.
    Membership in the NRA is strongly recommended but not required

Individuals who have been convicted of a violent crime or who are prohibited by federal, state or local law from possessing firearms, are not eligible to be a NRA Firearm Instructor.

(6 Hours) $89

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