Solano County Seminar Training Material



I have so much I want to tell you, it's hard to know where to start.

Besides yourself, there is no one that wants you, the law-abiding citizen to have a permit more than me.

First some numbers for Solano County.

At the end of 2015 Solano County had 964 active permits.

January 2016, I started putting on a Solano County CCW Seminar to explain the process. I had just under 400 attendees to the seminar in 2016.

During that year the Sheriff's office made a few changes to the process, trying to speed it up and to handle the new volume of applicants.

At the end of 2016 Solano County had 1,246 active permits. I think that is fantastic, adding 282 new permits. Now, I need to explain, we, (Solano County) have a big problem with people not renewing. So adding 282 permits to our total is huge.

During the time I have kept statistics on the number of permits, applications, denials and appeals. Our WORST denial rate was 11.6 percent and that was just for one quarter (October 2016 to December 2016). That would mean 88 people out of a 100 applicants got a permit. That is another huge success number. What was our BEST, how about 2.2 percent! Yep, that would mean out of 100 applicants, 97 received a permit. Sounds to me like some pretty good odds.

Now, back to our worst denial rate. Why? two-thirds of the denials were from non-disclosure. What does that mean?

That means, there was something in their criminal background that the applicant didn't disclose on their applications. And what they didn't disclose, wasn't a disqualifier, just the fact they didn't disclose it, disqualified them. So the mistake was on themselves.


This is the same packet I handout during the three (3) hour seminar. You are just not getting my private number.

What is included in the packet;

  1. The Start here instruction sheet - This is a step by step walk-through of the application process.
  2. The Pink Sheet - These are the questions on the on-line application, so you know what to expect and have the answers before starting.
  3. The Yellow Sheet - These are the Federal and State disqualifiers.
  4. The Blue Sheet - Some very important penal codes for permit holders and applicants.
  5. The Green Sheet - Restrictions on permit holders and the hold harmless agreement.
  6. A color reciprocity map showing you which states honor a California, Arizona, Florida and Utah permit.
  7. DMV INF1125 - Driving record request form.
  8. Article on self-defense insurance with flyers from USCCA and CCW Safe.
  9. Some simple drafts of good cause statements.
  10. Follow up support to get you through the application process and to get you a CA CCW permit.

The packet contains 46 pages and weights 9 oz. And it cost me $2.66 to mail this packet to you.

Lets start this process together and get you your permit.